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2007 Miscellaneous Orders & Dismissals

2007 Miscellaneous Orders & Dismissals
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(Date syntax is YY/MM/DD)

Date Filed Case Name Docket # Act
07/12/20 New Albertson’s, Inc. 06-0005 AWA
07/12/17 AWB LTD. and Its Affiliated Companies 08-0016 DNS
07/10/17 The Miles Smith Family Corp. d/b/a Cal Fresh Produce 03-0005 PACA-D
07/10/09 Wayne P. Oxcord & Darae Oxford, individuals d/b/a Endangered Cats of the World, a/k/a Hug A Tiger; a/k/a Ozark Nature Center, a partnership or unincorporated association; Robert Q. Smith & Larry F. Smith, individuals d/b/a Circle 3 Buffalo Ranch 02-0025 AWA
07/06/21 Tart Cherries Grown in Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin AO-370-A8; FV-06-0213; FV-07-930-2 AO/AMS F&V 
07/06/11 Avocados Plus, Incorporated, J. Bonafede Co., Inc., J & K Produce, Inc., J.L. Gonzalez Produce, Inc., and LGS Specialty Sales Ltd. 04-0001 HAPRIA


Sonora Produce, Inc. 04-0002 HAPRIA
07/05/15 Marvin Horne & Laura Horne, d/b/a Raisin Valley Farm; Don Durbahan; Raisin Valley Farms Marketing Association; Raisin Valley Farms Marketing, LLC, a California limited liability company; Lassen Vineyards, LLC, a California limited liability company; and Lassen Vineyards, a California general partnership 989-0069 AMA F&V
07/05/08 Billy G. Roland & Billy Gray Roland, Ltd. 07-0089 DNS
07/04/18 Sammy Simmons & Wendy Simmons, d/b/a Peoples Livestock of Cartersville 05-0018 P&S-D
07/04/02 Ricky Knight & Ruby Knight 07-0076 AWA
07/03/06 Dennis Kolb Dairy Sales, Inc. 06-0001 BPRA
07/03/06 Wood's Produce Company, Inc. 01-0008 PQ
07/03/06 Bert L. Hoose, Jr., d/b/a Hoose Livestock 04-0018 P&S-D
07/03/06 S.A. Hallal Meat, Inc. & Mohammed Arshad 04-0011 P&S-D
07/03/06 Rudolph J. Luscher 01-0013 AQ
07/02/27 Jose Luis Jimenez 06-0020 PQ
07/01/16 Lions Raisins, Inc. & Boghosian Raisin Packing Co., Inc.

989-1; 989-2



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