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2005 Miscellaneous Orders & Dismissals

2005 Miscellaneous Orders & Dismissals
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(Date syntax is YY/MM/DD)

Date Filed Case Name Docket #


05/12/28 P.J. Margiotta 03-0012 PACA-APP
05/12/28 Stephen Trombetta 03-0008 PACA-APP
05/12/09 Lion Raisins, Inc., a California corporation f/k/a Lion Enterprises, Inc.; Lion Raisin Company, a partnership or unincorporated association; Lion Packing Company, a partnership or unincorporated association; Alfred Lion, Jr., an individual; Bruce Lion, an individual; Daniel Lion, an individual; Isabel Lion, an individual; Jeffrey Lion, an individual; and Larry Lion, an individual 03-0001 I&G
05/09/29 Gwain Wilson, d/b/a Dream Stables; William Russell Hyneman; John R. Legate, Sr.; and Justin Legate, d/b/a Gateway Farms 02-0003 HPA
05/08/10 Hunts Point Tomato Co., Inc. 03-0014 PACA-D
05/06/16 David Hamilton, an individual, d/b/a Mid-South Distributors of Arkansas, LLC, an Arkansas domestic limited liability company; and
William Hamilton, an individual d/b/a Mid-South Distributors
04-0016; 05-0013 AWA
05/06/01 James B. Garretson d/b/a Jungle Paradise Zoo D-05-0001 AWA
05/05/31 Platinum Foods of Florida, Inc. &Joseph Canossa, Sr. 04-0001 FMIA/PPIA
05/05/03 Lion Raisins, Inc., a California corporation 989-2 AMA F&V
05/04/12 Mark McDowell; Jim Joens; Richard Smith; and the Campaign for Family Farms, including Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Land Stewardship Project, Missouri Rural Crisis Center, Illinois Stewardship Alliance, and Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana on behalf of their pork checkoff- paying hog farmer members 05-0001 AMA/PPRCIA
05/03/15 Michigan Repacking and Produce Co., Inc. 02-0015 PACA-D
05/03/14 Suvit Asawapornsnit, d/b/a 05-0001 PQ
05/02/14 Pacific Northwest Sugar Company, Inc. (Appeal of Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative of Reconsidered Opinion of Beet Sugar Marketing Allotment Allocation Transfer From Pacific Northwest Sugar Company by Executive Vice President, Commodity Credit Corporation) 04-0004 SMA
05/01/21 Christopher Bloebaum 05-0002 PACA-APP


Archived Miscellaneous Orders & Dismissals