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2005 ALJ Initial Decisions

2005 ALJ Initial Decisions
Date format is YY/MM/DD
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Date Filed Case Name Docket # Act
05/12/20 Donald R. Beucke & Keith K. Keyeski 04-0014; 04-0020 PACA-APP
05/12/06 B.T. Produce Co., Inc., Respondent, Louis R. Bonino, Petitioner, Nat Taubenfeld, Petitioner D-02-0023; APP-03-0009; APP-03-0011 PACA
05/11/18 Terry Thomas Farms, Inc., Respondent, Terry R. Thomas, Petitioner, Tammie L. Franks, Petitioner, Teresa A. Thomas, Petitioner, Barbara A. Thomas, Petitioner D-04-0012; APP-04-0015; APP-04-0016; APP-04-0017; APP-04-0018 PACA
05/10/26 RHP Hood, LLC; Crowley Foods, LLC; Schroeder Milk Co., Inc.; and Crystal Cream Butter, Co. M-4-2 AMA
05/10/25 Richard L. Blackwood 05-0002 FSA
05/10/14 James Thames, Petitioner; George E. Fuller, Jr., Petitioner; Jon Fuller, Petitioner 04-0003; 03-0021;03-0020 PACA-APP
05/09/23 Kim Bennett 04-0001 HPA
05/09/07 Walter L. Wilson, d.b.a Buzz 76 Apiaries; Richard L. Adee, d.b.a Adee Honey Farms; Steve E. Park Apiaries, a California corporation; A.H. Meyer & Sons, Inc., a South Dakota corporation; Lyle Johnston, d.b.a. Johnston Honey Farms; Coy's Honey Farm, Inc., an Arkansas corporation; Price Apiaries, a South Dakota corporation; Jim Robertson, d.b.a. Robertson Pollination Service; and Tubbs Apiaries, Inc., a Mississippi corporation 01-0001 HRPCIA
05/09/06 Ronald Beltz, an individual, and Christopher Jerome Zahnd, an individual; Respondents 02-0001 HPA
05/08/23 Red Hawk Farming & Cooling 01-0001 AMA; WRPA
05/08/17 John F. Cuneo, Jr., an individual; The Hawthorn Corporation, an Illinois corporation; Thomas M. Thompson, an individual; James G. Zajicek, an individual; John N.Caudill, III, an individual; John N.Caudill, JR., an individual; Walker Brother's Circus, Inc., a Florida corporation, and David A. Creech, an individual, Respondents 03-0023 AWA
05/08/10 Carla Butler 05-0001 FSA
05/07/27 Charles Johnson, Respondent 05 -0001 VS
05/07/20 Northern Michigan Fruit Company 05-0008 PACA-D
05/07/13 Coosemans Specialties, Inc.; Eddy C. Creces; Daniel F. Coosemans D-02-0024; APP-03-0002; APP-03-0003 PACA
05/06/27 Cargill, Inc. 03-0002 SMA
05/06/02 Mike Turner and Susie Harmon 01-0023 HPA
05/05/12 M. Trombetta & Sons, Inc. 02-0025 PACA-D
05/04/20 Hunts Point Tomato Co., Inc. 03-0014 PACA-D
05/04/18 KOAM Produce, Inc. 01-0032 PACA-D
05/04/11 SAND CREEK FARMS, INC., a Tennessee corporation 01-C022 (formerly 01-A022, formerly 01-0022) HPA
05/04/08 Baiardi Chain Food Corp. 01-0023 PACA-D
05/04/08 Mario J. Gregori 02-0004 PACA-APP
05/04/05 Erica Nicole deHaan, formerly known as Erica Nicole Mashburn, formerly known as Erica Nicole Avery, an individual, doing business as Bundle of Joy Kennel; and Ricky deHaan, an individual 04-0004 AWA
05/04/02 Joszet Mokos 03-0003 AQ
05/03/28 United States Department of Agriculture , Complainant v. G & T Terminal Packaging Company, Inc. and Tray-Wrap, Inc., Respondents 03-0026 PACA-D
05/03/25 Erica Nicole deHaan, formerly known as Erica Nicole Mashburn, formerly known as Erica Nicole Avery, an individual, doing business as Bundle of Joy Kennel; and Ricky deHaan, an individual 04-0004 AWA
05/03/16 Charles R. Brackett and Tom D. Oliver 03-0004 PACA-APP
05/03/11 Michael Pittman, an individual, aka Aslick@ Pittman, Wayne Pittman and Roger Trent Pittman 04-0022 AWA
05/03/10 TIM GRAY, an individual 01-D022 (formerly 01-A022, formerly 01-0022) HPA
05/03/08 Dario Cortez 05-0002 AQ
05/03/02 Suvit Asawapornsnit, d/b/a 05-0001 AQ
05/02/28 Wooten Farms, Inc., d/b/a Carolina Brokerage Co., a/t/a Vista Produce Co. 03-0021 PACA-D
05/02/25 For The Birds, Inc., An Idaho Corporation;
Jerry L. Korn And Susan F. Korn, Individually
And D/B/A For The Birds; And Ben Korn
04-0033 AWA
05/02/18 Nellie L. Babb, a/k/a
Nellie L. Stanbaugh or Stambaugh
03-0026 AWA
05/02/08 Glenn Mealman 03-0013 PACA-APP
05/02/07 Amalgamated Sugar Company, L.L.C. 04-0003 SMA
05/01/03 William Chandler d/b/a Bill Chandler Cattle 03-0020 P&S-D


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