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2021 Default Decisions

2021 Default Decisions
Date format is YY/MM/DD.
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Date Filed Case Name Docket # Act
21/09/15 Darryl Watson 21-J-0033 P&S
21/08/31 Rain Forest Produce, Inc. 21-J-0024 PACA-D
21/08/31 Dwaine A. Miller 21-J-0009 P&S-D
21/07/01 Marshel Riley 21-J-0021 P&S-D
21/06/16 Trampas Jordan (Consent Decision and Order filed by Judicial Officer on July 30, 2021) 21-J-0018 P&S-D
21/06/08 Chakota Rowdy Ray Snow, d/b/a R & R Cattle Co. and d/b/a Rowdy Snow Cattle 21-J-0019 P&S-D
21/06/08 Florida Cool Cargo, Inc. 20-J-0164 PACA-D
21/02/09 Kendall Frozen Fruits, Inc. 21-J-0002 PACA-D
21/02/02 Fresh Produce Inc. 20-J-0159 PACA-D
21/01/26 Tony Kendall Cook 20-J-0140 CTESA
21/01/05 Amarillo USA, Inc. 20-J-0105 DPSA, DPRO


Achived Default Decisions