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2021 ALJ Initial Decisions

2021 ALJ Initial Decisions
Date format is YY/MM/DD.
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Date Filed Case Name Docket # Law
21/10/08 Daniel J. Moulton, an individual, a/k/a Dan Moulton, d/b/a Moulton Chinchilla Ranch 19-0004 AWA
21/10/04 Tracy Oliver, an individual, d/b/a Top Dog Talent Agency, LLC, and Animal Actors, LLC 20-J-0160 AWA
21/09/29 Antonio Chavez, a/k/a Jose Antonio Chavez, d/b/a Buffalo Cattle Company LLC, The Cattle Finder LLC 21-J-0015 P&S-D
21/09/15 Kellie Caron, Petitioner; and Kellie Caron, an individual d/b/a The Sloth Center, Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center, and Sloth Captive Husbandry Center 19-J-0090; 21-J-0042


21/08/30 Greg Golliet, Petitioner 19-J-0098 AWA
21/07/22 Sandra Bennett, Petitioner 21-J-0022 Civil Rights
21/06/16 Rodney Dennis, d/b/a RD Cattle 19-J-0119 P&S-D
21/06/10 Middlesex Livestock Auction, LLC (Decision and Order Amended on Remand from USDA Judicial Officer) 18-0034 AHPA
21/05/03 Amazon Services LLC 19-J-0146 PPA/AHPA
21/02/16 So Ono Food Products, LLC 20-J-0124 PACA-D
21/01/25 Imperial Frozen Foods Op Co, LLC 21-J-0001 PACA-D
21/01/04 Bain Distributors, Inc. 20-J-0035 PACA-D

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