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2020 OJO Decisions

2020 OJO Decisions
Date format is YY/MM/DD.
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Date Filed Case Name Docket # Type Law 
20/08/27 Quinter Livestock Market, LLC; and Clint Kvasicka 19-J-0181; 19-J-0082 Order Affirmig Initial Decision and Order with Proviso for AMS Consideration of Waiver of Suspension P&S-D
20/08/04 Quinter Livestock Market, LLC; and Clint Kvasnicka 19-J-0081; 19-J-0082 Order Granting Complainant's Request to Extend Time to File Response to Respondents' Appeal to Judicial Officer P&S-D
20/05/08 Steven C. Finberg 14-0167 Order Affirming Decision and Order on Remand PACA-APP
20/04/08 Timothy L. Stark, an individual; and WIldlife In Need and Wildlife In Deed, Inc, an Indiana corporation 16-0124; 16-0125 Decision and Order Affirming Initial Decision AWA
20/02/25 Jeffrey L. Green, an individual 17-0205 Decision and Order Setting Aside Default and Remanding for Further Proceedings HPA
20/01/09 Jonathan Dyer; Drew Johnson, a/k/a Drew R. Johnson; and Michael S. Rawlings 14-0166; 14-0168; 14-0169 Order Affirming Initial Decision and Order in Docket Nos. 14-0166, 14-0168, and 14-0169 PACA-APP
20/01/07 Douglas Keith Terranova, an individual; and Terranova Enterprises, Inc., a Texas corporation 15-0058; 15-0059; 16-0037; 16-0038 Order Granting Stay AWA

Achived OJO Decisions