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2019 OJO Decisions

2019 OJO Decisions
Date format is YY/MM/DD.
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Date Filed Case Name Docket # Type Law 
19/06/04 Splish Splash II, LLC, an Oklahoma limited liability company 19-J-0050 Decision and Order Denying Petitioner's Request for New Hearing and Petition for Appeal AWA
19/05/16 Huxtable's Kitchen, Inc. & Lewis Macleod 18-0007; 18-0024 Decision and Order Affirming in Part and Reversing in Part ALJ Order on Suggestion of Bankruptcy and Segregating Dockets for Remand



19/05/07 Danny Burks, an individual; Hayden Burks, an individual; and Sonny McCarter, an individual 17-0027; 17-0028; 17-0029 Order Granting Complainant's Motion to Lift Stay Order as to Danny Burks HPA
19/03/18 Raymond Frank Christie, a/k/a Ray Christie, d/b/a Christie Livestock 18-0020 Decision and Order Affirming ALJ's Corrected Decision and Order Without Hearing by Reason of Default P&S
19/03/12 Rocky Roy McCoy 16-0026 Order Granting Complainant's Motion to Lift Stay Order HPA
19/03/11 Sidney Jay Yost, an individual; and Amazing Animal Productions, Inc., a California corporation 12-0294; 12-0295 Order Affirming Initial Decision and Order AWA
19/02/22 Linda L. Hager, an individual; and Edward E. Ruyle, an individual 17-0226; 17-0227 Order Denying Respondents' Petition for Appeal and Affirming Decision and Order Granting Complainant's Motion for Summary Disposition AWA
19/02/22 Cricket Hollow Zoo, Inc., an Iowa corporation; Pamela  J. Sellner, an individual; Thomas J. Sellner, an individual; and Pamela J. Sellner Tom J. Sellner, an Iowa general partnership d/b/a Cricket Hollow Zoo 15-0152; 15-0153; 15-0154; 15-0155 Order Granting Motion for Rehearing and Remanding to the Chief Judge for Further Proceedings AWA
19/02/19 Philip Trimble 15-0097 Order Remanding to the Chief Judge for Further Proceedings HPA
19/02/15 Shawn Fulton, an individual; and Amelia Haselden, an individual 17-0124; 17-0127 Order Remanding to the Chief Judge for Further Action as to Amelia Haselden and Shawn Fulton HPA
19/02/13 Olympic Wholesale Produce, Inc. 18-0009 Order Denying Respondent's Motion to Vacate Decision and Order on the Written Record and Affirming Decision and Order PACA-D
19/02/07 Steven C. Finberg, a/k/a Steve Finberg 14-0167 Remand Order PACA-APP

Jonathan Dyer; Drew Johnson, a/k/a Drew R. Johnson; and Michael S. Rawlings

14-0166; 14-0168; 14-0169 Procedural Order Affirming Appeal Status  PACA-APP


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