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2019 Default Decisions

2019 Default Decisions
Date format is YY/MM/DD.
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Date Filed Case Name Docket # Act
19/12/18 John B. Hagler 19-J-0078 P&S-D
19/11/12 Mitchell Stanley and Gregory Stanley, d/b/a Stanley Bros Farms, LLC; and Stanley Bros Farms, LLC 19-J-0118 CTESA / AHPA
19/10/17 Jeffrey L. Green, an individual 17-0205 HPA
19/10/17 Tony Lowe, an individual 17-0189 HPA
19/10/09 Hugo T. Liebel, an individual, d/b/a Great American Family Circus, LLC, Florida State Family Circus, Liebling Brothers Circus, and Liebling Brothers Family CIrcus 19-J-0077 AWA
19/08/28 Bucks Fresh Produce LLC 19-J-0076 PACA-D
19/07/24 Lee Marvin Greenly, an individual, d/b/a MN Wildlife and/or Minnesota Wildlife Connection, Inc. 19-J-0075 AWA
19/06/25 Tommy Bradley Welch, d/b/a TBW Cattle 19-J-0054 P&S-D
19/06/05 Gary Leon Bigelow 19-0014 CTESA / AHPA
19/04/17 Tony Bott, an individual 18-0075 P&S-D
19/03/06 Spiech Farms, LLC 18-0081 PACA-D
19/02/27 Lisa R. Whiteaker, an individual d/b/a MONKEYPRO 18-0072 AWA


Achived Default Decisions